First office visits are an hour and include:
  • Detailed interview
  • Detailed dietary analysis with nutritional recommendations
  • Current supplement regimen review and analysis with recommendations
  • Physical examination – general or focused, depending on what is indicated
  • Individualized treatment plan
Treatments available:
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Botanical medicine
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Detoxification plans
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • IV nutrition therapy
  • Limited prescriptive medications
  • Referral to specialists or other practitioners if needed
Specialty tests available:
  • US Biotek IgE/IgA/IgG tests
  • 24-hour urine hormone tests – sex hormones, adrenal hormones
  • Adrenal Stress Index panels – timed salivary cortisol testing
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity testing
  • Environmental Toxicity testing – i.e. solvent exposure, mold exposure,
  • Genova Comprehensive Stool Test
  • SIBO breath tests


Nutritional IV Therapies

Dr. Troy has been trained to prescribe nutritional IV therapies by the leading experts in this field, with specific training in using nutritional IVs with cancer patients.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a way to introduce high doses of vitamins and minerals to your body intravenously. These nutrients are delivered directly to your bloodstream, so the effects are often more powerful and faster-acting than oral supplementation.

Examples of IVs used in Dr. Troy’s practice include:
  • Myer’s Cocktails – individually tailored, but typically contains vitamin C, minerals, electrolytes and B vitamins. Myer’s cocktails can help a wide range of conditions but are particularly known as support for fatigue and stress. Myer’s can be used to enhance recovery after cancer treatment.
  • IV Vitamin C – used in cancer care alongside mainstream treatments such as chemotherapy. Vitamin C can be given in lower doses as supportive care to enhance quality of life or support repair. When given in higher doses for oxidative effects, vitamin C may be synergistic with your cancer treatment.
What happens during an IV treatment?

During the IV, you will have a comfy recliner to sit or lay down in. A small IV catheter is placed in a vein, by our nurses, this is much like having your blood drawn. But once the IV is placed, there is just a small flexible plastic (BPA-free) tube in your arm, no needle. Then the vitamins and minerals are dripped in through this tube.

How long does an IV treatment take?

An IV therapy typically takes 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of IV you are receiving. Before your IV starts, we will check-in briefly to see how you are doing and take your blood pressure. Treatment times vary based on the volume of the IV you are receiving and the type of nutrients you are receiving. IV time can also depend on how well-hydrated you are or how much you have had to eat.

What do I do to prepare for IV therapy?

It is very important to arrive to your appointment well-hydrated and having eaten some protein at least one hour prior to the treatment. Depending on the length of your IV treatment, you may want to bring something to do while you are waiting. If you want to watch a movie or listen to music on your phone or computer, be sure to bring headphones. You may also bring a snack with you to eat during treatment; this is particularly advisable if you are scheduled for a treatment that lasts over an hour.

What is the price of IV therapy?

The price depends on the type of IV therapy you are having. Please call the office for more information about average prices.